The following terms and conditions apply to all advertising services provided by SignX and form part of this Sales Contract between SignX and advertiser/ client.


Details of the Campaign are as set out in this Sales Contract, Any additional Campaigns will be set out in separate sales contracts.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, charges for media costs shall be invoiced monthly.
• For late payments by the advertiser, interest at the rate of 5% per month will be charged.
• Advertiser will compensate SignX for the costs involved in preparing proposals for items which are subsequently cancelled/ suspended due to client changing its mind after initial approval.
• The advance bills will be raised based on producers/ suppliers’ term of business. Such bills must be paid within a week of presentation, ONLY, after which the job will be initiated.
• All payments to be made in favor of SignXMultimedia Canada Corp..

3. Third Party Cost:

All third party costs (such as carriage, freight, etc.) will be extra, undertaken on the basis of an approved estimate (prior to requisitioning of job) or paid directly by the client to the concerned supplier/party.

4. Production and printing:

If until specified in this order that SignX will carry out production and printing in respect of the Advertising Material, The Client must, at least 8 days before the commencement of the display period, provide SignX with a copy of the artwork for the Advertising.

5. Approvals:

The advertiser is required to physically proof read their own artwork before submission to SignX. SignX accepts no responsibility for any errors in print or image quality resulting from poor photography or artwork. SignX shall not be liable for any omission, mistake or error in respect of any of the above, including any error or mistake therein or in any information or data.

6. Delay/ Failure:

SignX shall not be responsible for any installation delay caused by any act or thing beyond its reasonable control, including where bad weather renders installation unsafe or impracticable. SignX shall not be responsible for any failure or delay in the performance of this Sales Contract where such failure arises out of any fire, act of God, industrial dispute, strike or any other act or thing beyond SignX’s reasonable control.

7. Termination:

The contract will be held terminated until and only after one month notice in writing by either party. Any notice given by one party to the other under this Sales Contract will be sufficiently served or made if sent by email, post or facsimile transmission to the address set out on the front of this Sales Contract.
• At the termination of a Campaign, SignX will dispose of the Advertising Material unless the Client has notified SignX that it requires the Advertising Material to be retained and either forwarded to a specified address or collected by the Client within one month of the termination of the Campaign.

8. Property rights:

The sites remain the property of SignX at all times. Title to Advertising material supplied under this Sales Contract remains with SignX until all amounts owing by the Client in accordance with this Sales Contract have been paid in full and in cleared funds.

9. Risk and Insurance:

SignX is not liable for any damage to the Advertising Material on a Site. The Client is not liable for any damage to the frame of the billboard, except where, in SignX’s reasonable opinion, it is likely that the damage to the frame/space/place was caused as a result of the Advertising Material.

10. Grant of Access and Removal:

SignX has the right to remove Advertising Material that is the subject of this Sales Contract at any stage. On this event occurring, SignX will use reasonable endeavors’ to find a suitable replacement site. If SignX does not find a suitable replacement site, then SignX is entitled to cancel that Sales Contract and the Client shall be entitled to an abatement of charges only for the remaining period of this Sales Contract.


Advertisement space will be provided to Advertisor on “as is where is basis” for the purpose of advertisement complying Policy as applicable.


The Advertisor shall not be permitted to sub-let his/her rights under this contract to any third party without the prior written permission from SignX.

13. Deadline:

It will be the SignX’s endeavor to complete assigned jobs on the basis of pre-decided deadlines. In case of emergency, mutual understanding will prevail.

14. Dispute:

Any dispute(s) arising in connection with and in relation to this Agreement and the rights and obligations of the parties hereto under this agreement shall be referred to a Sole Arbitrator. All disputes are subject to —— Jurisdiction.