Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is not just about ranking your website on Google top listing. It is much more than that. Search Engine Optimization is like an engine that drives your business forward in the market. At SignX we ensure all the networks, backlinks, campaigns are formed about and around your business. You see your business online recognition by yourself in given time.

This is how SEO works! By SignX

Stage 1 – Understanding, Auditing and Analyzing

Competitor Research

We start by using our analytical tools to check on our business competitors to track what they are doing, how they are creating the backlinks and positioning them in digital marketing ranking. Once analyzed; we work on better strategies to ensure to begin with a level up plan.

Keywords Research

After the detailed research; next step forward to launch with best keywords related to the business. Our team will search starting with 100 short and long tail keywords to ensure that we have covered every aspect of SEO for next step.

Road Map

Final step in this stage is concluding our goal about what we want to achieve. Based on our research and Keywords; our team will draw a complete strategic plan starting with 3 months’ time period o setup the proper ROI to calculate the results against the effort we put in our campaign. A detailed report will be summarized and shared with you along with our strategic plan to reignite your brand value.

Stage 2 – On Page Optimization

Setting Up Proper Meta Tags

Meta tags work as a foundation of page optimization. It includes the Title, Keywords and Description of the content on website. Required Keywords will be placed strategically in the images, permalinks and Titles. To ensure that the search engine bots reads and accept all the information; we setup the H1 Tags as sub part of this stage. A strategic, targeted page and content structure will create a layout of optimization mapping.

Indexing, Generating Proper Site Maps

After submitting your website to all the available major search engine; proper site maps will be created that will start the flow of search bots. We will also perform add-ons like Google Analytics to keep the track of the complete traffic and visitors on your business website.

Create Local Identity

Everyone starts local. If we look at all major successful businesses; they started small and started locally first. This the really important for your brand success. The more we get recognized locally; more positive impact in terms of ranking, brand reputation, authenticity on Google. Using the awesome business reviews; we can really be looking forward to establish your brand to stand out on next digital platform.

Content Strategy

SEO trends and guidelines changes time to time to give users the maximum benefits and great experience. SignX has always been creatively adaptive to new marketing guidelines and trends. Your brand web content will be analyzed and strategically placed using the most recent SEO trends to reach maximum clients in a right and effective way to reap the profits.

Stage 3 – Offsite Optimization

Local Directories, Social Book Marking

There are unlimited directories in all business categories. We select the most trusted and recognized directories to submit your website. This whole process is performed manually to ensure that we are not connecting to any spam or unauthorized directory link. It eliminates the chances of error to great extent and results are outstanding.

Link Exchange

Your business is specifically categorized from the start. To get the best usage of SEO; we connect your website to only the related businesses directly or indirectly. In this way, we are amplifying the returns as we working in our niche digital environment only.

Article Submissions

Your website content articles will be submitted to only authentic and approved top article directories. These periodically content submissions gives your website a smooth passage to move in high ranking in Google among other businesses.

Tier 1 Blog Networks

Blog Networks play really an important role to promote business ranking. Work must be done in such a way to avoid any penalties and drawbacks. Blogs created by SignX professionals are kept on the unique crafted domains and regular maintenance is applied until they are properly indexed on the Search Engine. We work on creating WordPress Blogs with using the relevant domain names. Once the blog is fully indexed; we link it your website and then digital magic happens. This whole process creates a complete network of organic and unique link structures to boost the business ranking.

Infographic Submission

While the content is playing their part to boost the business ranking; the graphics represents a thousand words in a single image. Our team will create the thoughtful, effective and sharable infographics to submit them in the directories that ultimately adds more impetus in your brand recognition and value.

Stage 4 – Social Media Buzz

Optimizing Social Media Channels

We shortlist the most profitable Social Media platforms that gives maximum benefit to your business. It’s not a compulsion to present everywhere but a choice to stand out on selected channels that generates new leads and bring new clients every day.

Content Creation

A good and targeted content on Social Media must be seen on every post and article. SignX creates, post and promote the content to make it read and look a while of every user. It maintains the traffic on our social platform that helps the backlinks and ranking of brand. You have the complete control over the amount you spend to reach out to your new and old clients.

Stage 5 – Reports

Ranking Report

We prepare the reports on biweekly intervals. These reports will be shared with you and obviously you can ask for reports anytime you want. These reports represent our work on how the road map and strategies moving on for business ranking and what changes are required to make more productive results.

Analytic Report

A complete analytic report is available every month to see the performance of the website. It will show us the complete details such as number of website visitors including how much time they are spending on the website. From change in website traffic to ensure that website is linked and showing on other related businesses for the right reasons; this report will explain in bits the progress every month.

Work Report

You will get to see not only the results but our work report will also show you how we are implanting the strategies and what tasks we have done in whole month. This report will be shared in end of every month that will reflects all our work for digital marketing efforts.