About Us

There is only one way for the brand to live forever. To have that impact that can never be forgotten. Here at SignX, we don’t believe in taking years, or months. We create only a moment, a moment where time freezes and the Brand owns that moment forever.

SignX wants to improve the outdoor advertising experience and make it more attractive, more connected and more intelligent by providing signage of highest quality at most competitive rates.

SignX promises the Advertisers a dynamic brand identity and vibrant ad campaign solution for their product and services at lowest CPI (Cost per Impression) that offers evident Return on investment.

Founded by young and enterprising outdoor professionals led by….. with investments from…. The idea is to provide reach to each in OOH. SignX offers advertisers a variety of Billboard, LED Display and Digital Kiosk and Medical Clinic Cabinets, helping both local businesses and national brands reach broad audiences every day. Building relationships between audiences and brands is what SignX aims at.